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south city hospital karachi

South City Hospital is a well-known hospital in Karachi with all primary health care facilities. It covers a full spectrum of specialty and provides top medical care in a comfortable environment. Here you can see, most of Pakistan’s top doctors and surgeons are doing their jobs here.

It was established in March 2008 and covers an area of 3,250 square yards and has a total capacity of 171 beds. It houses a pharmacy, laboratory, well-equipped radiology, and cardiac unit with an operational facility.

In South City Hospital, the emergency department is one of the most well-equipped departments with all the life-saving medicine, cardiac fibrillation, crash parts, ventilators, and manual blood pressure measurement devices.

South City Hospital

South City Hospital pays special attention to the architecture and ambiance in the same manner that a hotel does. Unlike most hospitals in Pakistan, SCH is stress-free and relaxing. In addition to this, the entrance is hidden by trees and running water, which not only calms the nerves but also muffles traffic sound.

The ground floor has two main entrances, one for the public, and the other is for the parking area. The first floor houses have VIP rooms and private rooms for the people along with the baby Unit and nursery.

2nd story has operating theaters, including cardiac surgery, general surgery, orthopedic, laparoscopic, and gynecologic surgery. The third floor includes two wards for Males and Females with five beds each, and the story contains eight general wards both for Males and Females. The courtyard has an extensive menu, which is also available for room services. For the safety and security of our staff, patients, consultants, and their attendants, we have CCTV cameras along the sides of SCH. It also has a mosque for daily prayers with a particular area for women. Moreover, it facilitates with top Pakistan’s consultants, such as an Allergist, Gynecologists, Gastroenterologists, Physicians, Radiologists, Oncologists, Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, Dermatologists, Dental Surgeons, Urologists, Psychiatrists, ENT Surgeons, Eye Surgeons, Endocrinologists, etc. Now you can see all Doctor contact number and their specialties.

Gynecologist in South City Hospital

Dr. Nazifa Mubashir


gynecologist in south city hospitalDr. Nazifa Mubashir is an obstetrician and consultant Gynecologists and graduated from Dow medical college. She undertook training in obstetrics and gynecology from Pakistan. Her areas of expertise include acute gynecology early pregnancy, benign abdominal surgery, etc. To make an appointment, please contact her number 03172865430 (Armeen).

  • Dr. Javed Haider Rizwi (MBBS, FRCOG, FACS)

Dermatologist in South city Hospital

 Dr. Sayed Javed Wasim

 MBBS MSC(Dermatology)

dr javed wasim dermatologistDr. Javed Wasim is a consultant dermatologist, graduated in dermatological sciences from the University of Glasgow, the UK, in 1994. He is also a skin, hair, and nail specialist offers consultations and management in the skin, nail, and related disease as well as sexually transmitted disease (std). If you wish to get an appointment, contact this number 021-336291230.

  • Dr.Tania Shaikh (consultant dermatologist, Cosmetologist) Contact Number 0300-922 9865 (Aisha)
  • Dr. Syeda Shahmoona Tirmizi (FCPS Consultant Dermatologist) Contact Number 0334 111 0007

  • Dr. Najia Ashraf (Consultant Dermatologist) Contact Number 0334 111 0007
  • Dr. Nazia Shakeel (Consultant Dermatologist) Contact Number 0334 111 0007
  • Dr. Zara Shah Contact Number (0333-132 2616 (Zeeshan)
  • Dr. Sheeza Ali Contact Number(021-35862301-3 (359-421)

DR. Mansoor Ali khan

(Orthopaedic Surgeon)MBBS,FCPS

dr mansoor ali khan orthopadic surgeonDr. Mansoor Ali Khan is a consultant orthopedic surgeon, specializes in joint replacement, arthroscopy, and pediatric orthopedics. He is mainly known for his work on the onsite treatment for clubfoot. Currently, he is practicing in South City Hospital, Karachi. If you wish to make an appointment, please contact 03007031329.

More Doctors are as under

  • Dr. Muhammad Umer (MBBS, FCPS, FRCS) Contact Number is 0333-8006998
  • Dr. Ranjeet Kumar (Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon, South city hospital) Contact Number 021-35862301 to 03, 021-35374072-5
  • Prof. Syed Kamran Ahmed Contact Number 021-35862301 to 03, 021-35374072-5
  • Dr. Raja Shehzad (MBBS, FCPS (Surgery), FCPS (Orthopaedics)
    Fellowship in Spinal Surgery (Singapore) Contact Number is 0333-8006998

Dr. Ashfaq A.Razzaq

(MBBS,FCPS,RCPS neurosurgery)

Dr. Ashfaq is a neurosurgeon with a spinal sub-specialization. He graduated from Aga Khan University, Karachi, and undertook training in Neurosurgery from the US, UK, and Pakistan. His areas of expertise include neck and back pain, radicular arm pain, and sciatica. To make an appointment ,please contact (+92 300 26 88 798)

More Neuro Surgeons are as under working in this hospital.

  • Dr. Atta ul Aleem Bhatti MBBS (Peshawar), FCPS (Neurosurgery), FINR (Switzerland) Contact Number is 0334-3517658 & 03323317276
  • Dr. Hameedullah Buzdar (MD, FCPS)Neurosurgeon Contact Number 0320 551 7287 (Ahsan)


Dr. Syed Mansoor Ahmad Shah


Dr. Mansoor Ahmad is a physician and nephrologist, considered one of the pillars of South City Hospital. After graduating from Sindh medical college, he practiced at AgaKhan university hospital and subsequently at the renowned Guy’s Hospital London. To make an appointment, please contact 0314-2402766.

  • Dr. Abdul Manan Junejo (MBBS, FCPS, FACP) Contact number 0302-2466692 Azeem

Urologist at South City Hospital

Dr. Anis Hussain


Dr. Anis is a consultant urologist, specializing in urethral stricture, lower tract endourology for stone diseases, and bladder diseases. He is one of the few surgeons who use lasers in endourology. To make an appointment, please contact 0345-2725625.

  • DR. Nasir Sulaiman (Consultant Andrologist & Urologist) Contact Number is 03364052016, 03003667891
  • Professor Dr. Amanullah MemonMBBS, LRCP LRCS, Edinburgh LRCP&S, Glasgow FRCS, Edinburgh Consultant Urologist 021-35862301, 35878638 (Ext.388)

ENT Surgeon

 Dr. Tariq Rafi


Prof Dr. Tariq Rafi is a consultant ENT surgeon, graduated in 1982. He did his FCPS &F.R.C.S and became a professor of ENT at Jinnah postgraduate medical center in 2001. He is has been the past president of the society of ENT and now Dean of ENT at the College of Physicians & surgeons Pakistan & vice-chancellor of Jinnah Sindh medical university, Karachi. He specializes in ENT and head & neck procedures such as vocal cord surgery, parotid surgery, stapedectomy, functional endoscopic sinus surgery for nasal polyps, and thyroid surgery. His area of interest is adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy, septoplasty, mastoidectomy, and tympanoplasty.

If you wish to make an appointment, please contact 0332-3495481.

  • Dr. Sameer Qureshi MBBS, DLO, FCPS Consultant ENT Surgeon Contact Number 0332-3495481
  • Dr. Kalimullah Thaheem Consultant ENT Surgeon Contact Number0321 272 4179
  • Dr. Sohail A. Malik Qureshi Contact Number021-358 62 301 to 03, 021-35374072-5
  • Dr. Shakil Aqil MBBS, DLO, FRCS (Glasgow) Consultant ENT Surgeon) Contact Number 0321-2179974 (Mansoor)

Dr. Saqib Rashid

(BDS, MSc restorative dentistry, FCPS)

Dr. Saqib is a renowned dental surgeon at South City hospital, Clifton. He has also elected as the new president of the Pakistan dental association. Recently, he is doing a commendable job for the Pakistan dental fraternity. His main area of interest is restorative dentistry and worked in this area at Queen’s University, Belfast. The Royal Victoria hospital in the UK. He specializes in Endodontically treated teeth, orthodontic management, bridgework, porcelain laminate veneers, implants, root canal, and periodontitis.

To make an appointment, please contact 03032509041.

  • Dr. Sidra khan (Dental Maxillofacial surgeon) Contact Number is  021-35292715, 0321-2159046
  • Dr. Mansoor-ul-Aziz (Consultant Dental Surgeon) Contact Number is  021-35292715, 0321-2159046
  • Dr. Navid Rashid Qureshi (BDS, MSc (Leeds), FDSRCS (UK)Consultant Dental Surgeon) Contact Number is 0321 2159046

Dr. Mahnaz Naveed Shah

(MD,FAAO,consultant Ophthalmologist)

Dr. Mahnaz is a consultant ophthalmologist and glaucoma specialist at the eye center, South City Hospital, Karachi. She graduated from the medical college in the united states and undertook her postgraduate training in the united states. She completed her training in ophthalmology at the world-famous Cullen eye institute at Baylor college of medicine. After a qualified ophthalmologist in the united states, she returned to Pakistan in 2002. She joined aga khan university hospital as a part of the medical student-faculty and as a consultant eye surgeon. She established the eye center at the Hospital in 2011. The eye center has a fully staffed and dedicated common surgery intake area providing surgical eye care at South city Hospital. Her main clinical interest is in pediatric and adult glaucoma management, in which she is extensive experience.

To make an appointment, please contact 0302 8291799.

  • Dr. Jamshaid Khan (MBBS, FCPS, Consultant eye surgeon) Contact Number is 0302 8291799.
  • Dr. Syeda Aisha Bokhari Consultant Ophthalmologist Contact Number is 0302 8291799.
  • Dr. Shayan Shadmani Consultant Ophthalmologist & Eye Surgeon Contact Number is 0302 8291799.
  • Dr. Tanveer Anjum Chaudhry Cornea, Refractive and Pediatric Eye Surgeon Consultant Ophthalmologist) The contact number is 021-35862301.

Pediatric Surgeon


(MBBS, FRCS,Consultant paediatric Surgeon)

Dr. Muhammad Arshad is a competent and experienced PMDC verified pediatric surgeon. He is currently working at Aga Khan University hospital. Dr. Muhammad Arshad is an expert in pediatric bronchoscopy and esophagoscopy. He has extensive experience removing foreign bodies from the airways and esophagus. His main interests include general, neonatal, pediatric surgery, and pediatric urology. He has involved in the surgical management of children with tumors. He also performs procedures such as the repair of inguinal hernias, surgery for undescended testes, esophageal dilatations as daycare procedures.

You can book an appointment through this contact 03452181273.

  • Dr. Sohail Thobani MBBS, Diplomate of the American Board (Paediatrics) Consultant Paediatrician Neelam at 03332239910, 021-35866838.
  • Dr. Syed Tahir Ali Consultant pediatrician and neonatologist Sana at 03212790739 Ruby at 03352195338, 03002505668.
  • Dr. Mumtaz Lakhani Consultant Pediatrician & Neonatologist Contact Number is Sana at 03212790739Ruby at 03352195338, 03002505668
Dr. Saleem Soomro


Dr. Saleem Soomro is a consultant breast surgeon in the South City Hospital, Karachi. After graduating from Sindh medical college, he undertook training in general surgery at Jinnah postgraduate medical center, Karachi. He also worked at the Singapore general hospital for breast surgery. His main interest includes breast cancer surgery by breast conservation, modified radical mastectomy, reconstruction with silicone implants, skin-sparing mastectomy, breast augmentation, breast reduction, scarless surgery for gynecomastia in Males.

If you make an appointment, please contact 021-35862301 to 03

  • DR. Kausar Rehaman (MBBS, FCPS in General surgery, MRCS) 03353257670 (Sidra)


Dr. Nadeem Rizvi


Dr. Nadeem is one of the top cardiologists in Pakistan. He has worked as a consultant cardiologist at Barnsley District Hospital. He certified in CT Angiography from Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Baltimore. Part of his specialist training in nuclear cardiology, congenital and coronary interventions, electrophysiology, and valvular. He is a member of the British society of echocardiography, a member of the Pakistan cardiac society, a member of the civil aviation medical board, and surgeons of Pakistan.

He has supervised the non-cardiac lab, transthoracic and trans-esophageal echocardiography. To make an appointment, please contact 03332364767

  • Dr. Faisal Ahmad (MBBS, MRCP Ireland & UK)
  • Dr. Imran Iftikhar (BSc, MBBS, FCPS in cardiology)
  • Dr. Najeeb Basir (MBBS, FRCP, Consultant cardiologist)
  • Dr. Shahid Sami FRCSEd, FRCS (Cardiothoracic), CCST (UK)  Sitara-e-Imtiaz Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon.
  • Dr. Khalid Ahmed Khalil MBBS, Diploma Cardiology, FACC Consultant Cardiologist
  • Dr. Sanaullah Junejo MBBS, FCPS (CARDIAC SURGERY)  Consultant Cardiac Surgeon.
  • Dr. Sajid Dhakam MD, FACC, FSCAI American Board of Internal Medicine Cardiovascular Diseases & Interventional Cardiology Consultant Cardiologist

Allergist and Immunologist

Dr. Asif Imam

(MBBS, DABIM, DABAI, Consultant Allergist and Immunologist)

Dr. Samiullah Khan Niazi

(MRCS, FCPS, EBSQ, Surgical Oncologist & HPB Surgeon)

Dr. Muhammad Saeed

(MD, DABIM, Rheumatology USA)

Dr. Shehla Naqvi

(MCPS, MRCGP, Diploma in Diabetes)

Dr. Imran ul Haq

(MBBs, FCPS Medicine, Fellowship in Endocrine & Metabolism)

(South City Hospital, Karachi)

Address: PC، 12 Rojhan St, Block 5 Block 3 Clifton, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75600, Pakistan

Contact Number: 021-35374072

South city hospital is a private hospital situated in Karachi that provides us some of Pakistan’s doctors and surgeons. The vision of South City Hospital is caring for people and advancing health. It is committed to a patient-first philosophy that includes compassion, care, and clinical excellence with a focus on quality health care. It provides information about the quality of care so you can make the best decision for yourself and your family.

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