Mukhtar A Sheikh Hospital Multan Contact Number, Doctors


Mukhtar A Sheikh Memorial Welfare Hospital is a state of the art hospital founded in 2006. The aim of this hospital to become one of the best hospitals in Multan. The address of this hospital is Khanewal Road, Shah Rukn E Alam Town, Multan, Punjab. There are 47 best and qualified Doctors available 24/7. If you want to get an appointment with any doctor you need, you can just call on the given contact number 061-111627628. This hospital is very famous because of its services.

In short, we can say it is one of the best and top hospitals serving the people of Pakistan. No doubt, all available doctors are very humble but very competent in their field of specialties.

Dr. Abdur Rauf Mazhar

Sr. Consultant / HOD Nephrology

Dr. Adeel Anwar Baig

Consultant Psychiatry

Dr. Aneela Darbar

Medical Director/ Sr. Consultant Neurosurgery

Dr. Bilal Afzal


Dr. Bilal Ahmad Java

Consultant Pediatrics & Neonates

Dr. Ehtesham Khalid

Consultant Neurologist/ Head Of Neurosciences

Dr. Farah Nawaz

Associate Consultant Dermatology

Dr. Farrukh Hassan Rizvi

Consultant Surgeon/ Surgical Oncologist

Dr. Farrukh Murad Gillani

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Jamal Hafeez

Associate Consultant Anesthesiology

Dr. M. Samee Akhtar

Sr. Consultant / Advisor Gynecology

Dr. Maqbool Ahmad

Consultant – ENT

Dr. Maryam Nasreen

Associate Consultant Radiology

Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq

Consultant Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Dr. Mukesh Bhimani

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Naeem Amjad

Chief Psychiatrist

Dr. Najiya Barkat

Associate Consultant Pathology

Dr. Nauman Jhandier

Sr. Consultant Gastroenterology

Dr. Rabia Mahmood Ali

Associate Consultant Radiology

Dr. Rehana Yasmin

Consultant Obstetrics – Gynecology

Dr. Shazia Asim

Consultant Family Medicine

Dr. Tehreem Rasheed

Associate Consultant Gynecology

Mukhtar A Sheikh Memorial Welfare Hospital Multan Contact Details

Address: Khanewal Road, Shah Rukn E Alam Town, Multan, Punjab.

Contact Number: 061-111627628.

Doctors on Board: 47.

Establish in: 2006.

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