KFC DHA Lahore Contact Number, Branch Address

kfc lahore contact number

We have collected and shared the KFC DHA Lahore contact number and all the necessary information about her so that you do not have any problems. You will also find their office address here that is 160/3, DHA H-Block KFC Olives Lahore. We have tried our best to make this website one of the largest phone directories in Pakistan, where you can easily find all the phone numbers of Pakistan. Their head office address, complete branch information such as helpline number, complaint number, customer care, and office timings will also be available in one place. Their contact number is 0322-4230297.

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KFC DHA Lahore Contact Number

Head Office Address: 160/3, DHA H-Block KFC Olives Lahore

Helpline Number: 0323-4480106

Phone/Contact Number : 0322-4230297

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.kfc.com

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