HBL Sunehri Masjid Road Peshawar, Code, Contact Number

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HBL Sunehri Masjid Road Peshawar code is 463 and located at Nauthia Sunehri Masjid Road Peshawar. The contact number of this branch is 091-5285598, and the helpline number is (021) 111 111 425. It is currently operated its functions with 1700 branches all over Pakistan. Muhammed Ali Habib Dawood Habib is the founder of this bank, and start its commercial banking in 1972.

Here you can find helpline number, loan details, credit cards, jobs, timings, branch code, and much more.

Habib Bank Loan Types

Personal Loan
Home Loan
Salary Plus

Types of Bank Account

Saving AccountDaily Progressive Account
Daily Munafa Account
Money Club
Foreign Currency Savings Account
Pensioner Account

Current Account

Freedom Account
Conventional Current Acc.
Basic Banking Account
Foreign Currency Current Acc.

Term Deposit Account

Advantage Account
Advantage Plus
High Yield Foreign Fixed Deposit
Investment Plus Deposit

Roshan Digital Account

Details about the Badaber branch.

HBL Sunehri Masjid Road Branch Peshawar

Helpline Number: (021) 111 111 425

Branch Phone Number: 091-5285598

Address: Nauthia Sunehri Masjid Rd Peshawar

Branch Code: 463

Internet Banking: https://www.hblibank.com.pk/Login

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