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Chughtai Lab is one of the best-certified laboratories working in Pakistan since 1983 with quality and accurate results. They are also providing home sampling services throughout the country. They are serving more than 100 cities around the country. The address and fon number of Chughtai Lab Faisalabad is given below. A universal number called (Apki Sehat Ka Number) is 03111456789.

1. Chughtai Lab Canal Road Faisalabad

Address: Jinnah Clinic, Near Faisal Hospital, Canal Road, Faisalabad

Phone Numbers: 0345-8402874

2. Chughtai Lab Ghulamabad Faisalabad

Address: Al-Moiz Diagnostic Center, Ghulamabad, Faisalabad

Phone Numbers: 0345-8402874, 041-8727555

3. Chughtai Lab Madina Town Faisalabad

Address: Prime Care Hospital, Madina Town, Faisalabad

Phone Numbers: 0311-1456789

4. Chughtai Lab Saleemi Chowk Faisalabad

Address: Saleemi Chowk, Satiana Road, Opp National Bank Faisalabad

Phone Numbers: 0342-4997466, 0344-4473460, 041-8727555

Test Rate List

  • 25-Hydroxy Vitamin-D Rs: 3200
  • ANTI HCV Rs:2200
  • ANTI HIV – Rs:2500
  • Blood C/E (Complete, CBC) Rs: 680
  • Blood Glucose Random Sodium Fluoride Vial (Sugar Vial) Rs: 300
  • HbA1C (Glycosylated Hemoglobin) Rs: 1650
  • HBsAg (Quantitative) Rs: 3000
  • HBV BY PCR (Qualitative) Rs: 7000
  • HBV BY PCR (Viral Load / Quantitation) Rs:11000
  • HCV BY PCR (Viral Load / Quantitation) Rs: 9500
  • HCV Qualitative PCR Rs: 7000
  • Iron / Fe Level (Serum) Rs: 650
  • Lipid Profile Rs: 2200
  • Liver Function Test With GGT (LFT) Rs: 1650
  • Urine C/E (Complete, Analysis) Rs: 400
  • Anti-Rabies Virus Glycoprotein IgG Rs:6600
  • Anti-Scl-70 Rs:2650
  • Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA) Rs:3500
  • APTT Sodium Citrate Tube Rs:800
  • Arterial Blood Gases Rs:1300
  • Arthritis Profile Rs:6550
  • Ascitic Fluid for (AFB Smear/ZN Stain) Rs:450
  • Ascitic Fluid for (Gram Stain) FLUID Rs:450
  • Biopsy for H/P (Extra Large Specimen) with History Rs:6050
  • Biopsy for H/P (Large Specimen) with History Rs:5000

Online Chughtai Lab Rate List

  • Ascitic Fluid for (Analysis (LDH+Albumin) Rs:1800
  • Biopsy for H/P (Medium + Extra Large specimen) with History Rs:7700
  • Biopsy for H/P (Medium + Large specimen) with History Rs:6600
  • Ascitic Fluid for (Bacterial C/S (Aerobic) e Gram Stain) Rs:1950
  • Biopsy for H/P (Medium Specimen) with History Rs:3100
  • Biopsy for H/P (Small + Medium specimen) with History Rs:4950
  • Ascitic Fluid for (Fungus C/S e Fungus Stain)(KOH) Rs:2300
  • Biopsy for H/P (Small Specimen) with History Rs:3000
  • Biopsy for H/P (Three or More Specimens) with History Rs:5500
  • Anti-Islet (From UK) Rs:28600
  • Biopsy for H/P (Two Large Specimens) with History Rs:4950
  • Biopsy for H/P (Two Medium Specimens) with History Rs:6050
  • Anti-Measles IgG (CSF) Rs:4350
  • Biopsy for H/P (Two Small Specimens) with History Rs:4400
  • Biopsy for H/P (Two Specimens Small + Large) with History Rs:4400
  • Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies Rs:7800
  • Biopsy for Prepare Blocks & Slides Only (without Reporting) Rs:1650
  • Biopsy, Slide(s) & Block(s) for review Rs:11000
  • BK (Polyomavirus Virus (Quantitative) Rs:12750
  • Block(s) & Slide (s) for Patient Rs:500
  • Blood for C/S (Aerobic & Anaerobic Two Bottles) Rs:4000
  • Blood for C/S (Single Bottle Rs:2000
  • Bleeding Time (BT) Rs:450
  • Blood for Microfilaria Rs:500
  • Blood Alcohol Level Rs:1950
  • Ascitic Fluid for (Fungus Stain/Fungal Smear) (KOH) Rs:700
  • Blood C/E (Complete, CBC) Rs:680
  • Blood C/E e Peripheral Film/Smear Rs: 800
  • Anti-Nuclear Antibodies Group (ANA, AMA, ASMA) Rs:4500
  • Blood Group & Cross Match (Donor Name) Rs:1050
  • Blood Group & Rh Factor EDTA And Clotted Blood Rs:650
  • Anti-Parietal Cells Antibodies Rs:2750
  • Blood Lead Level Rs:9350
  • Blood Pressure BP Rs:550
  • Anti-Parvovirus B19 IgG Rs:3200
  • Blood Transfusion (At Center) Rs:3300
  • Blood Transfusion (At Center) Rs:2200
  • Anti-Parvovirus B19 IgM Rs:3200
  • Blood Transfusion (At Home) Rs:5500
  • Anti-Thrombin Rs:5350
  • Anti-Thyroid Antibodies Profile (ATA) Rs:4400

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