Afzal Electronics Sialkot Contact Number, All Branches

afzal electronics sialkot contact number

By the way, here we gathered all pieces of information related to this, but you must have come to this post by searching the Afzal Electronics Sialkot contact number. And yes you will not only get the information of the head office here but also the complete data of all its branches all over Pakistan. The address is Sialkot Road, Badiana, Sialkot. Its contact number is 052-6528187-86. So hopefully you can get the mobile number, address, and timings information of this particular office.

Afzal Electronics Sialkot Contact Number

Head Office Address: Sialkot Road, Badiana, Sialkot

Phone/Contact NumberĀ 052-6528187-86

Email: [email protected]


Afzal Electronics Sahiwal contact number complete details are here.

Afzal Electronics Allama Iqbal Road

Address: Allama Iqbal Road, Sadar Bazar Saddar Cantt Sialkot Cantonment, Sialkot
Contact Number: 052-4265501

Afzal Electronics Unnamed Road

Address: Unnamed Road, Chawinda, Sialkot
Contact Number: 052-6210171-172

Afzal Electronics Daska Road

Address: Afzal Electronics Home Appliances Sialkot, Punjab (Dobuji Mallian Daska rd)
Contact Number: 052-3307286

Afzal Electronics College Road, Daska

Address: College Road, Daska, Sialkot
Contact Number: 052-6614075-74

Afzal Electronics Bank Road Sialkot

Address: Near Daska1, Sialkot, Punjab (Bank Road)
Contact Number: 052-6614084-83

Afzal Electronics Circular Road, Daska

Address: Circular Road, Daska, Sialkot, Punjab 51010 (Daska 3)
Contact Number: 052-6614461-62

Afzal Electronics Karimpura Road, Ramtalai Chowk

Address: Near Gordon Memorial School, Karimpura Road, Ramtalai Chowk, Ramtalai, Trunk Bazaar, Sialkot

Contact Number: 052-4567370-84

Afzal Electronics Gohad Pur Airport Road

Address: Gohad Pur Airport Road, Muradpur, Sialkot
Contact Number: 052-4294448-14

Afzal Electronics Haji Pura Road, Fatehgarh

Address: Haji Pura Road, Fatehgarh, Sialkot
Contact Number: 052-3562276-77

Afzal Electronics Kashmiri Mohalla Sialkot

Address: 4 Lane 4, Kashmiri Mohalla, Rawalpindi, Sialkot
Contact Number: 052-4589090

Afzal Electronics Kotli Loharan

Address: Afzal Electronics Kotli Loharan Head Marala Rd, Sialkot
Contact Number: 052-3532225-26

Afzal Electronics Wazirabad Road

Address: Sialkot – Wazirabad Rd, Sambnal, Sialkot
Contact Number: 052-6524442-41

Afzal Electronic Makka road Near HBL, Sialkot Rd, Sambrial

Address: Makka road Near HBL, Sialkot Rd, Sambrial, Punjab, Mohalla Rajputana Mandi, Sambal, Sialkot.
Contact Number: 052-6524476-75

Afzal Electronics Pasrur Sialkot

Address: Pasrur, Sialkot
Contact Number: 052-6440172-171

Afzal Electronics Model Town, Ugoke

Address: Model Town, Ugoke, Sialkot
Contact Number: 052-3570005

Afzal Electronics Neka Pura

Address: Neka Pura, Sialkot
Contact Number: 052-3614343

Afzal Electronics Railway Road

Address: Railway Road, Masjidpura, Muhammadpura, Sialkot
Contact Number: 052-4593132

Afzal Electronics Cantt View Colony

Address: Unnamed Road, Cantt View Colony, Sialkot
Contact Number: 052-4268013-14

Afzal Electronics Ugoki Road, Saga Square, Shahabpura

Address: Sajjad Tower, Ugoki Road, Saga Square, Shahabpura, Shahabpura, Sialkot
Contact Number: 052-3241077

Afzal Electronics Pasrur chiana chowk

Address: Pasrur chiana chowk, Hamza Ghaus, Sialkot
Contact Number: 052-3610373

Afzal Electronics Karimpura Road

Address: Near Goroon Memorial School, Karimpura Road, Ramtalai Chowk, Ramtalai, Trunk Bazaar, Sialkot
Contact Number: 052-4598685

Afzal Electronics Kotli Behram

Address: Near Shinwari, Kashmir road near Meezan Bank, Kotli Behram, Sialkot
Contact Number: 052-4295501-502

Afzal Electronics Sialkot Road, Motra

Address: Near MCB Motra, Sialkot Rd, Motra, Punjab, Motra, Sialkot
Contact Number: 052-6228686

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