Afzal Electronics Kasur Contact Number, Address & Helpline

afzal electronics kasur contact number

We have collected and shared Afzal Electronics Kasur contact number and all the necessary information about her so that you do not have any problems. You will also find their office address here that is Near Raja Center Railway Road Kasur. We have tried our best to make this website one of the largest phone directories in Pakistan, where you can easily find all the phone numbers of Pakistan. Their contact number is 049-2761201-049-2761200.

Afzal Electronics Kasur Contact Number

Head Office Address: Near Raja Center Railway Road Kasur

Phone/Contact NumberĀ 049-2761201-049-2761200

Email: [email protected]


New info about the Afzal Electronics Sialkot contact number is also here.

Afzal Electronics Kachehri Road

Address: Kachehri Road, Chowk Kot Piranwala, Kot Piranwala, Kot Ghulam Muhammad, Kasur
Contact Number: 049-2760065, 049-2760064

Afzal Electronics Raiwind Road

Address: Khan Mahal Chowk Raiwind Road Kasur,
Contact Number: 049-2727857, 049-2727858

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